Positively Funny Improv is one of three companies under the Positively Funny Inc. umbrella.  The other two companies are PFI Solutions and our not-for-profit side, Perform-4A-Purpose.  PFI was founded in July 2010 by David Grissom as a means to help take on his passion of using the performing arts to address the issues of bullying, suicide and school violence in our area schools. We believe strongly that laughter can bring about change in the world.

We have been performing Improv comedy in Birmingham since 2010.  We are also the only comedy group in the Birmingham area that offers in-depth comedy training, including Improv, comedy writing, and stand-up comedy.  Since we began offering classes in 2010, we have graduated over 425 students.  We are constantly refining and upping the ante of our curriculum to make certain our students are getting the best training possible.


PFI is also the only company in the region that offers Improv-based corporate workshops, which is done by our sister company: PFI Solutions.  Our workshops and team-building events have been leveraged by many of the top employers in the area to change the way their teams think.  Learn more about our creative corporate solutions by selecting the CORPORATE option from the Home menu, or visit PFI Solutions website at www.pfisolutions.com


Our company was founded on the belief that we can change the world!  Here at PFI, we believe that bullying, teen suicide and school violence are preventable.  Through our other sister company, Perform-4A-Purpose, we go into schools and teach acceptance using professionally developed Improv-based curriculum.  Our partnership with the famed StarDome theatre provides P4AP a venue to expand our efforts on this front.  For more information about Perform-4A-Purpose or to help support our cause, visit our website at www.perform4apurpose.org.

“Beyond the deepest tragedy; there is laughter. Even amidst tragedy there is the possibility of laughter.”

– Del Close

Meet Our Cast

Left to Right: Kris Genschmer (Artistic Director), Adam Drake, Scott Pierce, Ty Maulgani (Head Writer), Bonny Lepley,

David Grissom (Found & Chief Creative Officer)

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