Weekly Improv Comedy Shows
Have you ever wondered what would happen if an astronaut and a coal miner met? Have you ever wanted to see two people set off on a very secret, very dangerous mission to find toilet paper? Have you ever wanted to watch people make up hilarious stuff on stage? Well you are in the right place. The cast of Positively Funny, Inc. performs improv comedy on stage every Tuesday night at 7pm at the Rare Martini (Get Directions). We can guarantee that the show will be different every single week.
Cost: $5 per person.
Appropriate for all ages.

P.S. We LOVE audience participation so if you've ever wanted to be on stage, or if you want to see your friends or loved ones (or enemies) make a fool of themselves on stage, we are more than happy to oblige you.
10 Show Pass Available Now
Our 10 Show Pass gives you admission to 10 of our regular Tuesday night shows. The cost is only $25 (or $2.50 per show for all you math whizzes), which is a 50% savings. The pass is good for you and any of your friends. If you don't have friends, we have friends available for sale too!
Special Shows:
This is just a small sampling of our work, taken from one of our weekly ensemble shows. To see more videos of our previous shows visit YouTube and subscribe to PositivelyFunnyInc.
This clip is of the Improv game Change featuring Pierce and David.
To see games like this and much, much more, come to one of our live shows on a Tuesday night. Because video just can't portray how much fun you'll actually have with us.
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Positively Funny Improv is a sister organization of Perform-4A-Purpose. P4AP's mission is to decrease bullying, suicide, and violence in schools by teaching teens acceptance and cofidence through the performing arts. To learn more about
Perform-4A-Purpose, Click Here.

PFI will be doing a brand new kind of show on Tuesday, April 1 (and no, this isn't a trick). We call it...The Fish Bowl Show! Basically we will put names and games in a bowl and randomly draw out what we are playing and who will be playing them so even we won't know what we are doing (which I guess isn't much different from normal).

Cost: $5 per person.
Click Here for directions to
the Rare Martini.