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Our most popular program here at the PFI Comedy Institute are our Improv Classes.  Learn the basics of Improv in a fun and encouraging environment.  This program covers everything from the fundamentals to scene work to games.  Everyone who completes the three levels of our basic Improv program will perform onstage with their classmates in their very own show!
Improvisation is a great LIFE SKILL and our students turn to the PFI Comedy Institute to master that skill.  Through our experience, there are three main reasons why people take our Improvisation classes:

"I want to be on stage!" - We can help you prepare to become a working Improviser or to improve your acting skills.

"I need it for my job!" - We can help you master the fundamentals of Improvisation to help improve your business soft-skills - communication, creativity and presentation skills to name a few.

"I just want to have fun!"  We can give you the opportunity to discover a unique way to step outside the box, to meet a new group of like-minded individuals and most importantly to learn to just let go!
Improvisation can be a game-changer for youth and teens as they learn to apply the principles of Improv to know no fear, to increase their self-confidence, to let loose their creativity and to learn to navigate social interactions and team-dynamics.  Improvisation is not just for kids
that want to be on stage.
So, no matter what your reason is for wanting to take an Improv class, you are welcome to join us.  Believe us, you will create memories
and friendships that will last a lifetime.
Level 101 - The Fundamentals of Improv - I101
This introductory class teaches the basic fundamentals of Improvsation.  Students will focus on the basics that include, agreement through the power of "yes, and..."; living in the moment through focused listening; how to step outside of the box and embrace the creative side; how to lose the internal-editor to free up creativity and other basic level premises.
No previous experience or prerequisites required.
8-week classes, 2 hours per class

Level 201 - Scene Work for Performance - I201
The Level 201 Scene Work class focuses on how to use the fundamentals learned in Level 101 to create scenes that are enjoyable to an audience.  The concepts of story-telling are leveraged to find the truth of a scene which is the genesis for comedy.  This scene work class is the spring board for a successful performance in an Improvised scene for the student show at the conclusion of Level 301.
8-week classes, 2 hours per class

Level 301 - PFI Games for Performance - I301
The Level 301 PFI Games for Performance class prepares students to take to the stage for their first performance.  Select games performed by the PFI main-stage ensemble cast are mastered for a performance on the Rare Martini stage. As a part of the class, students are taught how to create a successful show list.  Students successfully completing Level 301 are eligible to audition for a featuring
cast role.
8-week classes, 2 hours per class

To see when these classes are being offered next and/or to register for these classes, visit our Registration Page.
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