Upcoming Shows

September 30 - 7pm
October 7 - 7pm*
October 14 - 7pm
October 16 - 6:30pm**
October 21 - 7pm

*Special Performance to celebrate
our 3rd Year of PUBLIC Shows!
**Student Graduation Show

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The Positively Funny Improv Comedy Institute provides all sorts of comedy classes. From Improv to Stand-Up, from Comedy Writing to Digital Comedy Short, there is something for everyone!

Upcoming classes:
Level 101 - Intro to Improv
Starting Monday September 29
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  • PFI will be hosting the First Annual Magic City Comedy Festival coming June 2015!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Improv?
Well Improv is basically where we just make stuff up as we go along. We take suggestions from the audience and use them to create a scene right before your very eyes. Most of the time it's entertaining.
Are you family-friendly?
Pretty much. We try to keep our show at a level that would be acceptable for prime-time television. If it had to be rated it would usually fall between PG and PG-13.
Is this your full-time job?
No. We all have other (real) jobs that pay the bills. We do this because we love it, and we enjoy making (or at least trying to make) you laugh.
Who is Positively Funny, Inc.?
Positively Funny, Inc. is the parent organization that houses Positively Funny Improv, Perform-4A-Purpose, and PFI Creative Corporate Solutions.
How can I help with your work in anti-bullying?
Positively Funny Improv's sister organization, Perform-4A-Purpose welcomes DONATIONS for our work.  Click HERE to help us with a tax-deductible donation.
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Positively Funny Improv is a sister organization of Perform-4A-Purpose. P4AP's mission is to decrease bullying, suicide, and violence in schools by teaching teens acceptance and confidence through the performing arts. To learn more about
Perform-4A-Purpose, Click Here.